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1978-01-10 ABBA filmed at the Glen Studios by a British tv-crew.
1978-01-21 The three ABBA members in Paris at the 'Loto Chansons' tv-show.
With members of the Rubettes

1978-01late ABBA (without Agnetha) and Stig in Cannes at the filmfestival promoting 'The Movie'.

1978-01-27 Release single 'Take A Chance On Me' - 'I'm A Marionette' along with the video of 'Take A Chance On Me.


1978-02-15 ABBA in London to attend the premiere of 'The Movie'.

ABBA on the balcony of the Dorchester Hotel - Park Lane London. ABBA stayed here nearly every time when they were in London.

1978-02-16 ABBA attend the premiere of 'The Movie' in London West End, and receive awards (best group of 1977).

ABBA at the premiere of The Movie

1978-02-17 ABBA in Germany at Rudi Carell's 'Am Laufenden Band' with 'Take A Chance On me'. On this day, Frida met her father Alfred Haase, who was also on this show.

ABBA receive a Geman award from Bravo


1978-02-18 ABBA in Germany for more promotional activities.
1978-02  In this month, promo clips for 'Eagle, 'Thank You For The Music' and 'One Man, One Woman' were made.

1978-03-05 Björn and Agnetha hand over the trophy to Agneta Hjort, winner of the alpine skiing slalom event Abba Cup March 5, 1978 in Blommenbergs Hill outside Sockholm Sweden.
1978-03-13 Backing track of 'Dr. Claus von Hamlet.
1978-03mid ABBA take a week off. Björn and Agnetha stay at home while the other couple went to Austria on a skiing holiday.

ABBA on 'Blue Peter' (UK tv)

ABBA members attending parties in March 1978

1978-04-03 ABBA work on an extended photo shoot with German photographer Wolfgang Heilemann.

1978-04-11 Editing 'Eagle' for release on single.
1978-04-12 ABBA to France for a few days of promotional activities. This evening they appear on 'Les Rendez-Vous du Dimanche' in Paris. 'Take A Chance On Me' is performed in the studio.

ABBA on Les Rendez-Vous Du Dimance

1978-04-24 Backing track of 'Hades', a working title of 'Heroes, a working title of 'Lovelight'.
1978-04-25 Backing track of 'Horn Per', a working title of 'Lovers (Live A Little Longer)'.
1978-04end All ABBA members are interviewed separately by 'Expressen'.
1978-04-30 ABBA to the U.S. to Los Angeles.

1978-05early ABBA in the U.S. for promotional work. May is declared 'ABBA month' in America. Today release single 'Eagle' -'Thank You For The Music'.

ABBA in front of their billboard at the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, Los Angeles

1978-05-08 Filming 'Olivia Newton-John' special with ABBA: 'Dancing Queen', 'Fernando', 'Take A Chance On Me', 'Olivia medley'.

1978-05-10 Filming James Last's 'Star Parade' TV Show (West-Germany) with 'Eagle/'Take A Chance On Me' and 'Thank You For The Music'.

ABBA with James Last

Benny and Frida with Frida's father Alfred Haase

1978-05-18 Inauguration of Polar Music Studios, however, today's studio session is held in the Metronome Studio.

1978-05-29 Backing tracks of 'Kalle Skändare, a working title of 'Summer Night City' and 'Svantes Inferno', a working title of 'Free A Bumble Bee'.

1978-06-05 Percussion overdubs for 'Lovers (Live A Little Longer).
1978-06-06 String overdubs for 'Lovers (Live A Little Longer) and 'Summernight City'.
1978-06-10 Frida and Benny on a 7 week vacation to Barbados, Bjorn and Agnetha stay in Stockholm.

1978-07-03 Benny and Frida return to Stockholm to spend the rest of their holiday until the end of July on their new boat.

1978-08-08 Drum overdubs for 'Summer Night City'.
1978-08-10 Mixing 'Summer Night City'.
1978-08-11 Mixing 'Lovelight'.
1978-08-17 Backing tracks of 'Ich Hab Angst, a working title of 'Just A Notion' and 'Belsebub', a working title of 'The King Has Lost His Crown'.

Just A Notion

Photo session in August 1978 at photographer Torbjörn Calvero's studio in Stockholm

1978-08-18 More work on the backing tracks of 'Ich Hab Angst, a working title of 'Just A Notion' and 'Belsebub', a working title of 'The King Has Lost His Crown'.
1978-08-22 Filming the promo clip of 'Summer Night City' in the Europa film studios, Stockholm and on Benny's boat.
1978-08-23 Filming the promo clip of 'Summer Night City'.
1978-08-31 Backing track for 'Hamlet III' with the girls (=Hamlet II part 2)?

1978-09-06 Release single of 'Summer Night City, Medley: 'Pick A Bale Of Cotton - On Top Of Old Smokey - Midnight Special'. Press release from Polar Music AB:


Enclosed please find ABBA's latest single release





The A-Side of this single is from ABBA's forthcoming LP and is being released worldwide beginning of September. The B-side was originally released on a charity-LP for "Die Deutsche Krebshilfe" in Germany in 1975.
As usual there is a 16mm promotionfilm available of this single - produced as always by the wellknown film-producer Lasse Hallström. This film can be ordered from our office and the price is Sw. kr. 800:- plus freight.
After a long and restful summer ABBA are now "back in business" again working day and night with their new LP - writing, producing and recording in our new recording studio in Stockholm. We are hoping for a simultaneous release all over the world before Christmas, but the release date is not yet definitely set.
The studiowork will be interrupted for a few days in the middle of October, when ABBA will fly down to Paris to appear on a big TV-show.
Middle of November - when the new LP hopefully is completed - ABBA will be off on a promotion tour to Japan to do their own one hour TV-special for Tokyo Broadcasting System. At the same time they will also do several radio - and TV-interviews and give a big pressconference at the Swedish Embassy.
On their way to Japan, they will stop over in Los Angeles to appear on the Dick Clark show on November 15th. We are right now negotiating with two major American TV-stations to do our own American TV-special beginning of next year.
On September 10th Stig will go to Hungary to follow up the great success of ABBA's records and our film "ABBA- The Movie" in this territory. He will appear on several radio- and TV- interviews and also give a pressconference.
Middle of October Stig will be going on a trip around the world together with our international vice-president Mr. John Spalding from London. They will start off in Tokyo from October 15 to 21 to prepare ABBA's visit later on. From there they will continue to Taipei, Taiwan (October 21 to 23) and to the Philippines - Manila (October 23 - 26). They will stop in Hawaii for a few days on their way to Los Angeles, where they will be from October 30 to November 3. Next stop will be the Musexpo Convention in Miami Beach (November 3 to 7) before they return home via New York on November 9.
The wellknown French orchestra leader Franck Pourcel has recorded an album with twelve ABBA songs to be released world wide on Pathe-Marconi/EMI label. ABBA's latest single "SUMMER NIGHT CITY" will also be included on this LP.
During the last months, ABBA have had no less than three LP:s on Top 20 in Japan. July was an ABBA-month in Japan, and they were shown on TV several times.
Middle of August ABBA were visited by our French licensee, Mr. Alan Boublil, Disques Melba, who handed over a golden disc for "ABBA - The Album". ABBA have also received platinum for sale in the U.S. and Canada for their LP:s "GREATEST HITS" and "ABBA - The Album".

September 6, 1978



1978-09-08 Two mixes of 'The King Has Lost His Crown'.
1978-09-16 Three mixes of 'Lovelight' . Recording 'Crying Over You'.
1978-09-21 Oboe and string overdubs for The King Has Lost His Crown'.
1978-09-22 Mixing 'The King Has Lost His Crown'.
1978-09-27 Backing track of 'Dream Land', a working title of 'Dreamworld'.
1978-09-28 More work on the backing track of 'Dreamworld'.
1978-09-29 Recording vocals for 'Dreamworld'.

1978-10  40.000 LP's shipped from Sweden to East-European countries this month.
1978-10 Recording 'Summer Night City' (undeleted.)
1978-10-06 Mixing 'Dreamworld' and Frida and Benny get married in Ledin today.

1978-10-07 Mixing 'Dreamworld' and wedding party was held today at Benny and Frida's home.
1978-10-10 Stig flies to Hungary to promote ABBA and "The Movie" in several interviews on radio and television.
1978-10-12 ABBA and Stig give a press conference at the 'Publicistklubbe, in the Stockholm parliament buildings.
ABBA and Stig at pressconference

1978-10-16 Stig and Palding in Japan, Taiwan, The Philipines, Hawaii, Los Angeles and Miami promoting ABBA.
1978-10-18 ABBA in Paris for two days to appear on 'Top Club' doing 'Waterloo',' S.O.S'., 'Fernando', 'Knowing Me, Knowing You', 'Thank You For The Music' and 'Money, Money, Money'. ABBA are also interviewed. They change constumes after every song.

ABBA and composer Pourcel in Paris

1978-10-17 ABBA meet Mireille Matieu this evening.

1978-10-25 Backing track of 'Pandemonium', a working title of 'If It Wasn't For The Nights'.
1978-10-26 Backing track of 'Katakusom', a working title of 'Angeleyes'.

ABBA receive a German award, A Hammerwahl

1978-11-01 Official press release from Polar Music AB about ABBA's activities until Christmas 1978:


This is to inform you that there will not be any new ABBA LP before Christmas. ABBA will be off to Los Angeles and Tokyo on November 11th for TV and promotion and returning end of November. After a few days rest they will be going to England to record a Christmas special called "Mike Yarwood X-mas Show", where ABBA will perform two numbers.
They will continue the work in the studio when they are back from England with a break over Christmas and New Year. On January 8th, 9th and 10th they will be in New York to appear on the great Unicef-gala hosted by Bee Gees. Other artists appearing on this gala, which will be televized in the US, are Olivia Newton-John, Andy Gibb, Barry Manilow, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Kris Kristofferson, Rita Coolidge and possibly one or two more.
Back to Sweden and more studiowork for the new LP. ABBA have also decided to do a one hour TV-special called "Snowtime Special" for BBC in England. This is a co-production with the European Television Network and will be broadcast simultaneously all over Europe at Easter. ABBA will probably perform five new songs from their forthcoming LP and three old ones. They will also have one or two guest artists appearing on this show.
As said earlier, there will be no new LP before Christmas - but there will be a new single from this forthcoming LP. All information about this single will be sent to you the week commencing November 13th.

Stockholm November 1st 1978

Görel Johnsen

1978-11-04 Horn overdubs for 'Angeleyes' and 'Pandemonium, a working title of 'If It Wasn't For The Nights'.
1978-11-08 String overdubs for 'Angeleyes' and 'If It Wasn't For The Nights' .
1978-11-09 Three mixes are made of 'Angeleyes'. Stig and Palding fly back to Stockholm today from their promotion tour.
1978-11-10 The final mix of 'Angeleyes'.
1978-11-11 'Summer Night City' full length version aired on Swedish radio.
1978-11-15 ABBA interrupt their flight to Japan in LA to appear on the 'Dick Clark Show' in Los Angeles today.
1978-11-16 ABBA to Japan.
1978-11-17 ABBA arrive in Japan.
ABBA at a press conference

1978-11-18 ABBA in Japan working on a one-hour special, several performances and interviews on TV- and radio-stations.
1978-11-19. Filming of Japanese special performing 'Eagle', 'Take A Chance On Me', 'Money, Money, Money' (Live), 'S.O.S' (live)., 'That's Me'/Tiger, 'Dancing Queen', 'Waterloo', 'Fernando', 'Summer Night City', 'Knowing Me, Knowing You', If It Wasn't For The Nights' and Thank You For The Music (live).

1978-11-20 ABBA in Japan working on special. A press conference is given at the Hilton Hotel in Tokyo.

1978-12-04 Backing track of 'In The Arms Of Rosalita, the early version of 'Chiquitita'.

1978-12-06 ABBA to London: They appear on the 'Mike Yarwood Christmas Show' performing 'If It Wasn't For The NIghts (an early remix without strings)', 'Take A Chance On Me' and 'Thank You For The Music (special backing track mix)

1978-12-07 ABBA in London. An other show ABBA appeared on during this short trip was Jimmy Savile's 'Jim'll Fix It'. They met British fans and mentioned their participation in the Unicef Gala and filming the 'ABBA in Switserland' tv-special.
1978-12-08 Last day in London.
1978-12-13 2nd backing track of 'Kalsupare II', a working title of 'Three Wise Guys' a working title of 'Chiquitita'.
1978-12-14 Guitar overdub for 'Kalsupare II', a working title of 'Chiquitita'.
1978-12-19 A new mix of 'If It Wasn't For The Nights'.